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GameShark/PEC ePSXe

Juru Indra Download

On how to use GameShark on PS1 Emulator I will explain in detail. Here I just use ePSXe v1.7.0 (you can use version above or below). For use in ePSXe required GameShark software called "PEC", you can look it up on google or download it on this blog alone. Thus early look:
Regarding settings, I will show pictures of the configuration:

Juru Indra Download
1. Download "PEC", and then move to the folder where ePSXe is input to the folder "Plugins", right click select "Extract Here".
The images below:

Juru Indra Download

2. Once in Extract, run ePSXe and select Video plugin, click Config => Video, and select the Video Plugin (PSX Emulation CHEATER 2.5) and then click ok. Here's the picture:

Juru Indra Download

3. This time it was a game that I play Harvest Moon Back to Nature, because the game does not exist in the list of "PEC", then I will explain how to create and add cheatnya. Back to the Plugins folder run "PEC", and then click the File Menu => User Database. The images below:

Juru Indra Download

4. Then click add cheat, change the name of his title to Harvest Moon Back to Nature cheatnya then click the add input code, when finished click ok => yes. (You can get a cheat code to buy a book Sharknya Game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is in the Playstation store or look it up on google). The images below:

Juru Indra Download

5. After successfully making a cheat, go back User Database tick Cheat Harvest Moon Back to Nature, and then click OK. Here's the picture:

Juru Indra Download

 6. Then click the menu File => Send To Cheat Plugin, if successful it will look like
Here's the picture:

Juru Indra Download

7. Then run ePSXe, click the menu File => Run CDROM, will appear warning, and then click OK then select GPU plugin you, (Video Plugin that I use is Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.76), choose Video Plugin which according to the setting ePSXe on your computer . Then click OK.
The images below:

Juru Indra Download

8. Here, Cheat that I make already successful.
You also must be managed well ... Good luck

Juru Indra Download

Download PEC Here

Download Emulator

Download Emulator For Android

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Lumber 80070D38 03E7
Infinite Watering Can 80071A88 0064
Infinite Chicken Feed 80070D40 03E7
Infinite Fodder 80070D3A 03E7
Infinite Fish Feed 80070D3E 03E7
Infinite Gold 80071A5C 967F

80071A5E 0098
Gold Earned 800711FC 967F

800711FE 0098
Gold Used 80071200 0000

800573E8 0000
Stamina 80071A12 003C
0 Dead Animals 80127232 0000
10 Hearts For Dog 8012724C 000A
10 Hearts For Horse 80127258 000A
Popuri Has Red Heart 800786B4 FFFF
Elli Has Red Heart 80077298 FFFF
Karen Has Red Heart 800767A0 FFFF
Ann Has Red Heart 80076EF0 FFFF
Mary Has Red Heart 80077BBC FFFF
Tools at 400% 80071A40 FFFF

80071A42 FFFF

80071A44 FFFF

80071A46 FFFF

80071A48 FFFF
All Item Shipped 800711C4 03E7

800711C6 03E7

800711C8 03E7

800711CA 03E7

800711CC 03E7

800711CE 03E7

800711D0 03E7

800711D2 03E7

800711D4 03E7

800711D6 03E7

800711D8 03E7

800711DA 03E7

800711DC 03E7

800711DE 03E7

800711E0 03E7

800711E2 03E7

800711E4 03E7

800711E6 03E7

800711E8 03E7

800711EA 03E7

800711EC 03E7

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