Friday, June 21, 2013

FPse for android

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For those of you who like to really play games, and would like a little nostalgia with PSone games maybe this application can help you reminisce.
and I think this application is fairly smooth and cool to play games. in this FPse also available as sticks PSone buttons
Well this time I would like to share for those who want to try to play PS1 games on android using FPSE application. I myself prefer to use FPSE than psx4droid.
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The first step you download first?

Next Steps

How to Install:

    -  After downloading the file - the file above, install it on the android Fpse.apk
    -  Copy file SCPH1001.BIN to sdcard / psx (If disdcard no folder create folder its PSX)    -  If Bios has not been detected in apps FPse, FPse open app -> Login Settings -> Log Bios loading  system then Select -> select sdcard -> Choose PSX -> Select SCPH1001.BIN
    -  PS1 games game copy to sdcard / psx

PS1 games for android :

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