Sunday, June 30, 2013

Error-Open With

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Have you ever experienced what I experienced by this? Ie I love tinkering with computers, out of curiosity, I opened one app shortcut with the "Open With" in Windows 7. I "Open With" the program ACDSee Photo Manager 12, eventually all applications on the desktop shortcut it turned into a logo ACDSee Photo Manager 12. When I opened one game, anyway it was to open ACDSee Photo Manager 12 is not bad?

In hindsight, with the above events, the "Open With" in Windows 7 that does have a weakness, right buddy. Different as the "Open With" its Windows XP which does not allow for-clicking "Open With" file extension ". Exe".

I finally figure out how to restore the shortcut icon back home. Since I wanted to learn, I was thinking to re-install the Windows. But, as more lazy, I decided to search wrote in many forums to find a solution, and finally see well. We can restore the execution was wrong earlier, the change in the registry, so that the program returns to the default (original) it.

Well, pretty easy right buddy. Oh yeah, if you have an easier way, can be shared here. So first of I,

Well we just started fixing the error:

1. First and foremost, you first download the file here

2. Inside the archive there are two files, the registry file exe_error_fix.reg and shortcut (lnk) _error_fix.reg. Extract the two files are up to you.

3. Double-click on the files, if there is a confirmation dialog, just select Yes

4. After that, restart the one computer / laptop. If successful, all the shortcut icon is already back to normal, thank God.


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