Sunday, June 30, 2013

Siti Badriah

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One more artist Nagaswara products present in the world of Indonesian music. She was a beautiful girl named Siti figure Badriah. For long-haired girl, her experience in the world of singing is ingrained in him.

Festivals also been explored Siti singing to hone its expertise. Currently at the age of 20 years, Siti felt it was time to prove his ability to sing to the public.

"Since sitting class 2 SD I've lived on stage. Yet at the time I was young and did not know anything though it was brave to sing in front of people. Fact, I've been traveling and singing together with a number of famous singers," said Siti tell experiences.

Talent and artistic blood flowing in the body of Siti later arrested by Endang songwriter Raes. Siti saw a very strong talent with songs music house music genre, making Endang Siti Raes offer to bring his songs.

Endang Raes bid was accepted by Siti. Even single titled Unlawful Endang deliberately created for Siti. After the match, the song was offered to the party, Mr Rahayu Kertawiguna Nagaswara.

"Together Endang Raes, Siti brought to Nagaswara to meet with Mr. Rahayu. Having met with Mr. Rahayu, Siti and single Unlawful finally accepted by Nagaswara," said Siti recount his journey into the world of recording.

Unlawful single itself is a rhythmic song remix that characterizes the creation Endang Raes. The story of the single itself is a bit naughty. This is a question for a woman who has fallen in love with a married man.

"In this single Unlawful me as a woman asks, if loving a married man, including breaking the law? Are there laws?" Siti deception.

Siti characteristic in appearance when singing has an icon that until now the pride. 11-11-1991 born girl has long hair to her calf. Well with this long hair capital, Siti made her hair as her icon.

After launching debut single Breaking the law, Siti Badriah now presenting their latest single Brondong Old Endang Raes work.

"In my new single Brondong Parents have a new color that is different from my first single. Here the music is the beat and colored K-pop," said Siti Badriah when found.

The story of this single is a bit unique, playboy figure of an old man who is still on the prowl for dating beautiful women. From the lyrics are presented in this single is a bit quirky, especially the words "crocodile pit" is inserted in the single into a unique song. The combination of K-Pop music smelling inserted in single Brondong Funkot Old style (funky town) into a single easy to remember and much-loved.

"Because now being fever Korean song, when I was offered this single by Kang Endang direct Raes I love and accept," said Siti.

In the second singles, Siti also will change its appearance to be funky. Although the minister did not leave the funky ethnic colors in the costumes she wears. So also with long hair that was maintained since childhood. Only this time, Siti has long hair coloring until the calves being blonde.

"Right now I'm coloring my long hair, despite my appearance changed characteristic still I keep a long hair. Hopefully with a new look and new single Indonesian society especially dangdut music lovers," said Siti while showing off her new hair color. TIM NMC

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