Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tutorial How to Play PS1 Games On PC With ePSXe

 1. 1 The software download PSX emulator and extract on your pc folder then open ePSXe

Juru Indra Download

2. The following images below if you like open ePSXe

Juru Indra Download

3. Create the first time installed or installed but it was too confused at its configuration please see step step. if for the first time definitely meet new configuration wizard if no clicks itself as shown below

Juru Indra Download

4. Setting bios.
anything goes in the select, just different front display such general who SCPH1001.BIN, select next. finished configuring the BIOS.

Juru Indra Download

5. Video settings
no longer have to choose just keep clicking psx emulation cheater config
on select new GPU Plugin plugin would be used

Juru Indra Download

6. Setting audio
just choose ePSXe SPU core 1.7.0

Juru Indra Download

7. CD rom settings (if necessary)This setting only if you want to use a CD to play it, but I do not recommend because they will damage the optics. better to play through the image only, if you want to play persisted yah please use the CD:

Juru Indra Download

8. Setting joystick
click controler 1 (2 controler is not important), would later turn up window like this: Well at the top left of the joystick for select mode if u want it made at the rumble vibration settings (analog) well after that please set your joystick according to taste.

Juru Indra Download

9. Setting a memory card (optional)
 click config> memory card> select, after that select your memorycard> ok

memorycard can be reproduced by copy paste in memorycard folder that is in the folder Epsxe

Initial setting is finished, now how to play the game

1. Select File> Run ISO> Select game that you download game ps 1 in index

2. Those who want to play through a CD-room, insert your game CD into your CD-room and then choose File> Run CDROOM it will automatically run the game

About Memory Card and Save State

 if you want to save can use the save state feature that can save anywhere.

Button2 saveState:

F1 = save state
F2 = select slot (max 5)
F3 = load state

highly recommended also wear regular save the game, because sometimes save the state can hang as well, for example, sometimes fitting load game no sound, fixnya way that I know just by pressing the F3 button constantly, but sometimes also fail, so how to fix Other ya using regular load games from memorycard

if you want to delete the files on the memory card can be a way: file> run BIOS, wait a minute, the display will continue as rich in regular PS. and please didelete memorycardnya content.

How to Deadly Game

If you are satisfied and want mengclose ePSXe play, do not jump on the close because his voice will remain in close if forced

the correct way to turn off ePSXe:

1. Click on the [ESC] first

2. After the display appears a new ePSXenya click the red cross or push [Alt + F4]

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