Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fitri Carlina - ABG TUA

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For lovers of dangdut, the song "ABG Tua" is certainly not new. The song became one of the anthem during the year 2011 was diligent dangdut singers sung in various versions. Ayu Ting-ting was one of dangdut singer who was popular through the "ABG Tua". However, the opportunity to re-record the band's single PL4T new property acquired Fitri Carlina. Together with PL4T band under Nagaswara, Fitri Carlina became the only singer dangdut under this label are considered to be the most appropriate re-sang this song.

 If previous "ABG Tua" drafted in the format by PL4T Malay pop band, then passing Fitri, this song changed into dangdut flavor. It is, of course adjusted to the background Fitri as a dangdut singer. Meanwhile, the music is done entirely by Endang Raes. According to Fitri, the opportunity to sing this song again obtained from Nagaswara producer Rahayu Kertawiguna. This step was taken in response to a request Nagaswara a dangdut singer who wants to re-release "ABG Tua".

"This opportunity was deliberately we give to Fitri. Fitri is one of the artist dangdut we are still young, and is well known in the world dangdut, "said Rahayu giving reasons.

Prior to spawn "ABG Tua" dangdut version, Fitri had released two singles under the name of La Fitri Nagaswara, the "Easy Going (2010), and" Do not Rush (2011). With her sister Nini Carlina and Lia Amelia, Fitri also formed group called Smoothies. Fitri himself admitted that he had liked the song "ABG Tua" for a long time. However, he did not expect to be selected Nagaswara to sing back the song.

"I thank Mr. Rahayu and Nagaswara. This song right again be phenomenal, especially among the lower classes dangdut lovers. I was challenged to be able to bring him back for a broader dangdut lovers, "said Fitri.

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