Sunday, December 30, 2012

Zaskia Shinta (Goyang Itik)

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Zaskia Gothic famous with the song "1 hour only" / One Hour, and her most famous is his gothic aka Shake Ducks. This distinctive wobble which makes fast zaskia world famous Indonesian Entertainment. For a guy who was upset and make words upset, see Zaskia definitely so excited, really does zaskia pretty gothic.

One hour song popularized by zaskia Gothic was created by R.Kerta / Sirwendah, and released by the indie label Big Nagaswara in 2012. Zaskia having Syurkianih real name is not a new figure in the world of Indonesian music especially music dangdut. He had been released two albums entitled "'ve Cute" and "dangdut Mania".
Here's Biodata Zaskia Gothic:

     Real Name: Syurkianih
     Nickname: Gothic Zaskia
     Date of Birth: 27 April 1990
     Born in Bekasi
     Parents Name: Sosih and Jumainah

Zaskia Shinta (Goyang Itik)

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